Division of Hydrology and Water Resources
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Marta Utratna
+48 22 59 35268
Student hours: 
Wednesday 12:00 - 13:00

Year 2013/2014 winter semester

  • Engineering Hydrology II

Year 2012/2013 summer semester

  • Hydrology
  • Engineering Hydrology
  • Hydrology training
Additional information: 

Research interests:

  • Hydrology and Water Management - Quantitative and qualitative characteristics that determine the occurrence of selected hydrological wetland plant communities
  • Environment Protection - protection of wetland ecosystems under the European Natura 2000 network
  • Application of GIS techniques in Hydrology


  • PhD student at the Department of Water Engineering at the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering on Warsaw University of Life Sciences
  • Postgraduate courses in “Managing Natura 2000” on Warsaw University of Life Sciences
  • Postgraduate courses in “Pedagogical Improvement” on Warsaw University of Life Sciences
  • MSc in Environmental Protection at the Faculty of Environmental Engineering on Warsaw University of Technology

Selected publications:

  • Okruszko T., M. Giełczewski, M. Stelmaszczyk, M. Piniewski, and M. Utratna, The Narew River Basin Management Problems - Integrated Approach (pp.163-180), Presidential adviser (ed.) Transboundary Aquifers in the Eastern Borders of The European Union, NATO Science for Peace and Security Series C: Environmental Security, Springer, Netherlands 2012
  • D. Miroslaw-Swiatek, M. Utratna, Automatic system of registration of water level on floodplain in the lower basin of Biebrza River (pp. 20-32), Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences Vol 21 (2) No. 56, Warsaw 2012
  • M. Utratna, T. Okruszko, The impact of water quality on the Special Areas of Conservation (Natura 2000) located in the river Narew and Warta river valleys (pp. 267-286), Problems of Management and Environmental Protection ", UWM, Olsztyn 2011

Selected conferences:

  • Wetlands and Freshwater Ecosystems - Operations , Threats and Protection - Presentation Use of an automated system for monitoring the water level to determine the range of inundation in the lower basin of Biebrza River, Serwy 2012
  • Shaping and Environmental Protection Areas of Diversified natural beauty - natural, technical and socio-economic conditions -  Presentation Impact of water quality on Special Areas of Conservation (Natura 2000 ) located in the river Narew and Warta river valleys, Olsztyn 2011
  • Development and Validation of an integrated assessment of the ecological status of rivers and lakes management plans for the river basin - Poster presentation Impact of water quality on Natura 2000 sites located in the valleys of large lowland rivers on the conservation status of habitats, Warsaw 2011
  • The development of research in environmental protection and management - theory and practice - Poster presentation Application of expert methods in impact of water quantity and quality on the conservation status of habitat protected under the Natura 2000 network, Kraków 2011
  • European Geosciences Union - Poster presentation Risks assessment for water - dependent habitats protected by Natura 2000, Vienna 2011