wetland water management 2005
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The short intensive course on wetland water management is aiming on description of the natural and man-made processes leading to the creation of the certain type of wetland ecosystems. Special attention is paid to the interplay of soil, water and plant communities.

The teaching method used during this course uses the principle "description follows the experience". As a result of this participants will at first explore the wetlands in every day excursions and have the lectures on related topics in the afternoon; secondly teachers are chosen among the specialists who have a long lasting, practical experience in the research of the described areas.

The venue of the course is Biebrza National Park (60 000 ha area) located in the north-east part of Poland. It belongs to the one of the last European wetlands where along the river and across the valley one can find the habitats in their continuum. This unique feature, gives a rare opportunity to recognized processes, leading to the development of different wetland ecosystems.

This course is mainly addressed to young professionals. Organizers assume the basic knowledge of hydrology, soil science and ecological issues. Course gives an overview of all main types of central and western European fen and marsh ecosystems, explains the main hydrological processes important for wetland creation as floodplain inundation, groundwater seepage, role of the evapotranspiration, water storage in the organic soil, etc. Additionally participants will use the results of already identified in the Centre hydrological models of the area [ description 1 - 2.2 MB ][ description 2 - 4.4 MB ].

Six days course will be divided on two main parts: first three and half days for practical introducing of the subject by visiting the Biebrza Wetlands and two and half days for theoretical aspects concerning wetlands, including management issues. The course programme will be supplemented by presenting techniques of hydrological, soil and vegetation measurements.

Successfully qualified participants are asked to prepare 10 minutes long presentation (preferably in MS PowerPoint), that will be presented in two sessions at the beginning of the course. The aim of these sessions is to get to know each other, exchange (wetlands) experiences and express participants' expectations to the course in order to improve the communication and understanding among people of the course. Therefore, presentations should be related to participant's own field of work or study and its relation to wetlands issues, if applicable.

Some technical remarks based on the previous course experiences and practical knowledge about the Biebrza Valley 'moods' have to be made: we will leave Warsaw for the course on Monday morning, therefore, it is strongly advisable to arrive to Warsaw at least a night before; due terrain conditions and changing character of the June's weather in the Biebrza Valley participants are required to bring solid trekking shoes, rubber boots and raincoats. Mosquito and flies repellents will be granted by the organizers.

Organizers expect participants to arrive on time, well prepared (presentations and good mood) and equipped (boots etc.), to participate actively in the field trips, indoor sessions, measurements and as well social life. Participants will be awarded by the certificate of attendance.

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